Saturday, January 25, 2014

Check out my Behance!

I got a Behance page and here is the link in case anyone would like to follow:

And here is a Viking in case anyone would like a Viking:

Monday, January 13, 2014

New Years Resolution 2014

I gave my new years resolution some thought and settled on this: I want to step up my class work more this year. I want to get my shit together like a real grade-A baller. I've already have pretty good time management skills, but everybody can stand to get better, right?

Here was my goal:
In a perfect world, I would be a total champ. With a checklist in hand and perfect hair, I would breeze through my schedule like a mighty eagle that was plucked and taught to walk upright like a human. 

Sadly, Ringling CA curriculum was not designed for breezing through. In fact, before I came back I stayed up some nights unable to get the worst case scenario out of my mind. What if this is the semester that wrecks me? What if I morph into some repulsive, dirty, exhausted monster version of myself?

Or maybe this year I'll strike some compromise between them like last year. Not glorious and not hideous. Manageable. 

PS. But I still want to be an eagle. Eagle time. Eagle eagle eagle...


This was another quick character ensemble personal project. I wanted to reach outside my comfort zone, because to be honest, I've never been that interested in aliens or space travel. But I thought that with enough accessories, even I could do it. I was thinking that their society would be divided into social classes  and the royalty would watch the poorest compete in gladiator type battles. I thought that it would be fun to mix a bunch of hi-tech looking accessories with a bunch of very primitive looking ones.

Old People

Over winter break I had a little time to do a few very simple and short personal projects. I wanted to work a little on character design in ensembles. So this first concept is a group of retirement home residents. I did all of these on a 9x12 piece of paper, so the resolution on the individual ones isn't great just because they were pretty small.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Simple Poly Project

For this project we designed, modeled, rigged, and animated a character. We made our characters walk, jump, and turn. The characters weren't allowed to have posable arms, so I just made mine a Pizza. And yes, his cheese flap mouth is flexible. 


Saturday, December 7, 2013

TA Dance Project


The last Traditional Animation project we do (ever) is the class Collaborative Dance Project. We each get 10 seconds of a song and have to transition with the people bookending us to create one long video of everyone's characters dancing. We all pulled character we'd already worked on before. I pulled Meatball back into being for the project. Click the Meatball tag at the bottom of this post if you want to see other Meatball animations. 

Meatball is a superstar on the dance floor and hates to share.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Lip Sync


For the lip sync assignment, we had the option of choosing ourselves as a character and just writing out something to say. I struggled to find a quote I liked at first and invent a character, but eventually I just did this. I call her "Bitch Lauren."