Friday, March 6, 2015

Internet presence

I don't use this blog much anymore. If you want to find me online, here's where to look.

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Right now I'm a CA Junior at Ringling who will be graduating in 2016. I'm interested in looking for a Visual Development Internship for Summer 2015. If you have any information on possibly opportunities, or are interested in working with me, I can be reached at

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Spring 2015 Vis Dev Portfolio

See this work and more on my LinkedIn, Behance, and Carbonmade.
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Friday, June 6, 2014

Still Life Project

This was a project we completed midway through last semester. The Still Life project is our second big project in texturing. We learn how to paint textures, how to do glass and metal, and even how to do subsurface scattering. I chose a candlelit Parisian theme for mine.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

TA Dance Project

The last Traditional Animation project we do (ever) is the class Collaborative Dance Project. We each get 10 seconds of a song and have to transition with the people bookending us to create one long video of everyone's characters dancing. We all pulled character we'd already worked on before. I pulled Meatball back into being for the project. Click the Meatball tag at the bottom of this post if you want to see other Meatball animations. 

Meatball is a superstar on the dance floor and hates to share.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Space Kitchen

I started this a couple weeks ago and then set it aside for a while. Today I came back to it and colored it. I got the idea to do a Space Kitchen because I had been cooking a lot lately. It's not super creative, but I was really desperate to find a concept. I didn't realize that I wanted it to look futuristic until I was working on it. I even meant to make it look retro. I had noticed a lot of circular accents on my mom's 1962 Chevy Nova that would be cool in a design. That car definitely inspired this piece, both in terms of color and shape. I also changed up my process a lot with this piece. I'll elaborate below...

 I had noticed that one of my problem areas was eyeflow and even composition to some extent. So before I even drew in concrete objects, I just played around with some shapes in the baby thumbnails below. I knew I wanted this to be pretty busy, so I wasn't so worried about leaving a lot of blank zones.

 I took the bottom four and worked those into bigger thumbnails because I liked the look of those best. I ended up choosing the second one out of these four, and blew it up into the final, but I had a hard time choosing which to go with.  

So that was my change in process.  Seeking out shape composition first without objects, and then doing more thumbnails than I'm used to. I think the thumbnails were the most fun part of this project.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Carnivorous Room

I've been working on this one on and off for the past few weeks.

The Carnivorous Room is a room that has a spirit of its own, complete with hissing flytraps. It's aim is to hold you in the room and keep you there so it can devour you. I wanted to make it really creepy looking and sinister. The furniture and the ceiling moldings have horns, monsters and tortured faces carved into them. 

This room was inspired by a lot of things. Right when I was trying to decide on a concept, I watched The Shining, and that was a perfect example of a environment with a life of its own. I had been having a huge urge to make a room with a dark concept, and the Shining was really inspirational. I also reread a couple Harry Potter books since I got home, and I thought the room could use a good dose of Borgin and Burkes creepiness. There's a lot of alcohol around the room and a hookah in the farthest back on a little table, which are all objects that could trap you in addiction, but I added the flytraps to make the concept of trapping more transparent, since I didn't think the other props were convincing enough by themselves. Finally, the color palette was chosen to make it seem like an opulent smoking parlor that a bunch of boring old men would hang out in, like the bar in the Shining.  

I also made a evil butler character to accompany the room. I wanted to start a habit of marrying my environments with my characters, because they seem really detached on their own. The Evil Butler is an extension of the room. At one point he was probably a nice guy, but he became possessed by the rooms desire to trap its inhabitants. He assists in that goal by offering alcohol and food to everyone who goes inside until they're sluggish and fat enough for the flytraps to eat. 

Here's some of the exploratory sketches for the room if you're curious.